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A Place at the Table

Fredrikka Maxwell

Fredrikka Maxwell is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin, where she earned her B.A. Communications and minored in Political Science. The former "Army Brat" made one last move--to Nashville--where she found a job as a law enforcement support person. She served 20 years there before coming out and transitioning and retiring with 25 years of service.

Fredrikka soon discovered most trans conventions had little to no programming by or for people of color. So she chose to give a seminar sharing the black trans perspective at SCC.  Other seminars soon followed-IFGE, PTHC, CTA, RMN, and Fredrikka's first Dignity convention in Austin. Fredrikka served as  co-chair of the DignityUSA Transgender Caucus. She also serves on the board of her trans social and support group as well as a statewide trans advocacy group. When she finds time, a book is on her hard drive, reflecting on being black, trans, and God help us, Catholic.